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1、 Overview of buried warning tape

地埋警示带接纳高强度、耐老化的聚乙烯高分子质料制成 ,色泽显眼醒目 ,施工与埋管同时进行 ,埋覆于地下与管线中间 ,可起到标记警示探测作用 ,制止误挖损坏管道 ,广泛使用于燃气、电信、电力、供水、石化等地下管线上来 ,是地下管线的;ど。警示带分为普通警示带和夹金属警示带两种 ,夹金属警示带使用于塑管管线上 ,可起到探测管位的作用。

The underground warning tape is made of high-strength and aging resistant polyethylene polymer material, with a prominent color. Construction and pipeline burial are carried out simultaneously, and it is buried in the middle of the underground and pipeline to serve as a warning and detection function, avoiding accidental excavation and damage to the pipeline. It is widely used in underground pipelines such as gas, telecommunications, electricity, water supply, and petrochemical, and is the protector of underground pipelines. Warning tapes are divided into two types: ordinary warning tapes and metal clip warning tapes. Metal clip warning tapes are used on plastic pipe pipelines and can detect pipe positions.

地埋警示带的分类:普通(不可探测)警示带 ,夹金属丝(可探测)警示带。

Classification of buried warning tapes: ordinary (undetectable) warning tapes, clip metal wire (detectable) warning tapes.


2、 Application of buried warning tape products

警示带一般常用于施工地段 ,危险地段和突发事件 ,交通事件的隔离及电力检修、路政工程的遮挡?捎糜谌Χㄊ鹿氏殖』蚓竟娣短厥馇;だ复褂帽愕 ,不会污染现场情况。

Warning tapes are generally used in construction sites, dangerous areas, emergency situations, traffic incidents, and for isolation and electrical maintenance, as well as for covering road and environmental protection projects. It can be used to delineate accident sites or to provide warning regulations for special areas. The guardrail strip is convenient to use and will not pollute the on-site environment.



3、 Characteristics of buried warning tape

1. 多功效应用 ,可用于探测地下燃气、地下电缆、地下水管等;

1. Multi functional applications that can be used to detect underground gas, underground cables, underground water pipes, etc;

2. 色泽鲜艳 ,厚薄均匀 ,拉伸强度高;

2. Bright color, uniform thickness, and high tensile strength;

3. 资助施工人员正确探测到地下管道所处的位置;

3. Assist construction personnel in accurately detecting the location of underground pipelines;

4. 接纳铝箔、PE、PVC等质料 ,使带子越发坚韧不易拉断。

4. Using materials such as aluminum foil, PE, PVC, etc. to make the tape more durable and less prone to breakage.


4、 Common words on buried warning tapes

一般地埋警示带的字样有:下有管道 ,严禁开挖;下有电缆 ,严禁开挖;下有自来水管道 ,严禁开挖等 ,并且凭据的使用要求进行定制。

The words on the general buried warning tape include: There are pipelines below, excavation is strictly prohibited; There are cables below, excavation is strictly prohibited; There is a water pipeline below, excavation is strictly prohibited, and customization is made according to the usage requirements.


5、 Specification of buried warning tape

PE地埋警示带的常见规格宽度划分为:10cm ,15cm ,20cm ,30cm ,40cm ,50cm ,100cm;PE可探测地埋境地带常见规格为:15cm材质为宽金属丝 ,20cm材质为宽金属丝 ,20cm材质为宽铝箔。以上产品厚度均为12丝。

The common specifications and widths of PE buried warning tapes are: 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 100cm; The common specifications for PE to detect buried areas are: 15cm wide metal wire, 20cm wide metal wire, and 20cm wide aluminum foil. The thickness of the above products is 12 threads.

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