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施工现场警示带的设置规范 ?

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Standard requirements for the use of warning tapes


1. For operations such as maintenance, lifting, circuit breaking, and construction that may cause injury to non operators, a warning fence must be set up in the work area.



2. The placement of warning tapes must be scientifically and reasonably designed to protect non workers from harm and facilitate their smooth passage.


3. When the deployment of warning tapes cannot ensure the safe passage of non workers from injury, hard isolation (scaffolding, scaffolding, safety nets, etc.) blocking measures should be added to assist in warning blocking.


4. Warning tape configuration


(1) The height is 1 meter, and the length is determined based on the edge of the hazardous area.


(2) The warning tape enclosure must form a closed loop, and there must be entrances and exits for workers, with dedicated personnel responsible for monitoring and monitoring.


(3) Warning tapes can be installed with the help of surrounding buildings in hazardous areas as anchoring points. When exceeding the hazardous area too far, warning tape isolation piles should be used for installation.


5. Safety requirements for the use of warning tapes


(1) Once the warning tape is erected to form a closed loop, no one is allowed to cross the fence warning tape up and down.


(2) Non operators in this area must detour through the outside of the warning fence.


(3) Operators in this area must enter and exit through the reserved entrance and exit of the warning fence, and are prohibited from crossing the fence warning tape up and down at will.


(4) When implementing warning tape blocking measures, the start and end times should be informed to the workers or other passersby in adjacent work areas.


(5) After completing the homework, check and confirm that there are no safety hazards left on site.

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