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标记桩又称为警示桩、标识桩、标桩 ,是电力企业埋设电缆时常用到的起到警示作用的产品。一般桩体上印有:下有电缆、请勿挖掘、联系电话、公司信息等提示来起到 ;さ缋潞拖呗分赶虻哪康 。

Sign piles, also known as warning piles, identification piles, or stakes, are commonly used products in power companies to serve as warning signs when burying cables. Generally, the pile body is printed with prompts such as: cable below, do not excavate, contact phone number, company information, etc. to protect the cable and line direction.



Cement marker piles:

材质是混凝土浇筑而成 ,内部添加有钢筋。是古板的标记桩材质 ,缺点:字迹容易模糊 ,需要按期维护。不耐酸 ,材质较重 ,运输装置不便当。近几年已经逐渐淘汰使用 不使用。

The material is poured from concrete and reinforced with steel bars added inside. It is made of traditional marker post material, but its disadvantage is that the handwriting is easy to blur and requires regular maintenance. Not acid resistant, heavy material, inconvenient transportation and installation. In recent years, it has gradually been phased out and not recommended for use.


Plastic steel marker piles:

接纳的是是塑钢(PVC ,聚氯乙烯)质料。具有重量轻便 ,弹性好 ,耐酸碱耐腐化 ,抗老化性能好。施工便当、便当运输等特点 ,塑钢材质和玻璃钢材质警示桩是替代水泥标记桩的理想质料。

We use high-quality plastic steel (PVC, polyvinyl chloride) materials. It has light weight, good elasticity, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Due to its convenient construction and transportation, plastic steel and fiberglass warning piles are ideal materials to replace cement marker piles.


Fiberglass marker posts:

经高温压制而成?构セ ,耐磨损 ,耐高温 ,耐腐化 ,可以抗水、汽油、酒精、电解盐、醋酸、盐酸、钠钾化合物、尿、沥青 ,适合种种酸碱土壤。使用寿命长达30年。内容接纳丝网印刷技术 ,警示效果好 ,不需要维护。重量轻 ,便于运输装置。无接纳价值 ,自然防盗。

Made by high-temperature compression. Anti impact, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, can resist water, gasoline, alcohol, electrolytic salts, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium potassium compounds, urine, asphalt, suitable for various acidic and alkaline soils. The service life can reach up to 30 years. The content adopts screen printing technology, which has a good warning effect and does not require maintenance. Lightweight, easy to transport and install. No recycling value, natural theft prevention.


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