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  1. 燃气管道警示带质料要求耐候性强,不易褪色、裂开,抗紫外线能力强。

1. The material requirements for gas pipeline warning tape are strong weather resistance, not easy to fade or crack, and strong UV resistance.

  2. 燃气管道警示带在敷设历程中,应包管其贴紧管道外貌,不允许松动、悬垂,不得捆扎、卡住管道。

During the installation process of gas pipeline warning tapes, it should be ensured that they are tightly attached to the surface of the pipeline, not allowed to loosen or hang, and not tied or stuck in the pipeline.

  3. 燃气管道警示带的颜色应为醒目的黄色底色,上面印有玄色的中英文标识语和管道燃气种类,供蒸气、液化石油气和天然气等。


3. The color of the gas pipeline warning tape should be a prominent yellow background, with black Chinese and English slogans printed on it and the type of gas used in the pipeline, such as steam, liquefied petroleum gas, and natural gas.

  4. 燃气管道警示带应配备钢丝或聚酯拉伸带、抢铁皮等附件牢固在管线上,不可使用胶带等低强度牢固质料。 敷设燃气管道警示带的细节要求,可以资助包管人们的生命工业,确保燃气设备运行的。

4. Gas pipeline warning tape should be equipped with steel wire or polyester stretch tape, grab iron sheet and other accessories fixed on the pipeline, and low strength fixing materials such as tape cannot be used. The detailed requirements for laying warning tapes for gas pipelines can help ensure the safety of people's lives and property, and ensure the safe operation of gas equipment.

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