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燃气标记桩在使用上要注意什么 ?

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Usually, our gas company will first lay a traceable gas pipeline warning tape above the gas pipeline, and then add a layer of cover plate for landfill. After landfill, in order to distinguish the gas pipeline from the ground, gas marker piles will be buried above the gas pipeline. The surface of the gas marker piles is usually printed with warning phone numbers, warning slogans, company logos, and other information. It is convenient to clearly know the gas pipeline buried below during construction, and it is also convenient for gas company staff to inspect the gas pipeline.


Gas marker piles are generally made of fiberglass. Why use fiberglass gas marker piles? Because fiberglass gas marker piles have unique advantages:


Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, good sealing performance, safe and beautiful, with all-weather protection function, it can meet the needs of various harsh environments and places in outdoor engineering projects



Equipped with excellent insulation materials and high-performance insulation resistance to prevent leakage, it can maintain good dielectric performance at high frequencies, without reflection, blocking the propagation of microwaves, and without rusting, safe for long-term use


Good corrosion resistance, resistance to water, gasoline, alcohol, electrolytic salt, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium potassium compounds, urine, asphalt, suitable for various acid-base soils, rain proof products have good aging resistance


Strong impact resistance, no deformation during impact, high tensile strength, bending strength, and impact toughness, fully meeting the safety requirements for outdoor use.


Lightweight, suitable for handling, simple installation to prevent theft, this material has no recycling value and naturally prevents theft. It can effectively solve the problem of important underground facilities being excavated, and has significant social and economic benefits


Environmentally friendly materials that fully meet national requirements and meet future development needs. Safety warning signs with obvious luminous effects printed on the surface of the pile body; Made up for the shortcomings of cement marker piles!


The use of special paint on the surface of fiberglass marker piles has the following performance characteristics: good adhesion; High gloss; Good fullness; High hardness; Environmentally friendly, it can provide long-term protection for the surface of composite fiberglass marker piles!


The shapes of gas marker piles include:


Square: 80 * 80 * high, 100 * 100 * high, 120 * 120 * high, 140 * 140 * high, 150 * 150 * high, the majority of gas marker posts are square.


Triangles: 100 * 100 * 100 * high, 120 * 120 * 100 * high, 150 * 150 * 150 * high, 180 * 180 * 180 * high, and some use triangular gas marker stakes.


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