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  踪迹燃气管道警示带广泛使用于:都会给排水、热力、自来水排污、直埋式燃气管道、输油管道、电力(高压、低压、)通讯电缆光缆(电信、移动、联通、铁通、网络、广播电视)等关于国计民生的第五类运输体系及信息传输系统的警示防护 ,在施工与埋管同时进行 ,埋覆于地面与管线中间 ,起到标记警示、探测管位等作用 ,制止误挖损坏管线。特别对种种情况庞大的都会管网施工现场、门路施工现场、田野中的直埋管线有着明显的防护警示作用。

Traceable gas pipeline warning tape is widely used in urban water supply and drainage, heat, tap water discharge, directly buried gas pipelines, oil pipelines, power (high and low voltage,) communication cables and optical cables (telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, China Railway, network, broadcasting and television), and other fifth category transportation systems and information transmission systems related to national economy and people's livelihood. It is used for warning and protection during construction and pipeline burial, buried between the ground and pipelines, playing a role in marking and warning, detecting pipeline positions, and avoiding accidental excavation and damage to pipelines. Especially for various complex urban pipeline construction sites, road construction sites, and directly buried pipelines in fields, it has a clear protective warning effect.


The function of setting up a gas pipeline warning tape 0.3 to 0.5 meters above the top of the buried gas pipeline:

  1、当开挖施工时 ,如挖到燃气管道警示带 ,则体现在下方0.30.5米处有燃气管道 ,起到了警示和;ぷ饔。


1. When excavating and constructing, if a gas pipeline warning tape is dug, it indicates that there is a gas pipeline 0.3 to 0.5 meters below, which serves as a warning and protection.

  2、示踪作用。寻找地埋燃气管道时 ,找到燃气管道警示带即找到了管道。起到了示踪作用。

2. Tracing effect. When searching for buried gas pipelines, locate the gas pipeline warning tape to locate the pipeline. Played a tracer role.

  3、现在的燃气管道警示带有示踪线 , 利用测试仪器在不开挖的情况下 ,准确为管道定位。

3. The current gas pipeline warning is equipped with a tracer line, which uses testing instruments to accurately locate the pipeline without excavation.

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