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  地埋探测可以提高供水管网的科学治理、为运行和维护地下管线提供详细的管网图件和数据 。为了能够、准确探查地下管线,应遵循以下探测流程及原则:

Underground detection can improve the scientific management of water supply networks and provide detailed network diagrams and data for the operation and maintenance of underground pipelines. In order to efficiently and accurately explore underground pipelines, the following detection processes and principles should be followed:


(1) From known to unknown


When conducting pipeline detection, understand the basic situation within the construction area, collect and analyze pipeline data related to the construction area;


Conduct a survey of the construction area, identify areas where the laying of underground pipelines is known, conduct method experiments, and use the effectiveness and accuracy of this method to promote exploration work in unknown areas;

  在具体事情中也是先从管线已知点(明显点)开始事情,逐步探测出整条管道乃整个管网的平面位置、地下埋深 。

In the specific work, we also start from the known points (obvious points) of the pipeline and gradually explore the plane position and underground depth of the entire pipeline and even the entire pipeline network.


(2) From simple to complex


When conducting pipeline exploration work, priority should be given to selecting areas with fewer pipelines, less interference, and relatively simple conditions for work;


Gradually advance to areas with relatively complex conditions;


  也可以先从明显点比较多的管线开始事情,一般是排水、通信类管线 。

You can also start working from pipelines with more obvious points, usually drainage and communication pipelines.


(3) The method is effective, fast, and lightweight

  当我们进行地埋探测时除了要掌握熟练的技术和富厚的经验外,还要凭据企业给予的图纸、资料或派出的专人指认为线索进行探测,这样我们会更有效快捷的把事情做完做好 。

When conducting underground exploration, in addition to mastering proficient technology and rich experience, we also need to conduct exploration based on the drawings, materials provided by the enterprise or the guidance of designated personnel. This will enable us to complete the work more effectively and quickly.


(4) Under relatively complex conditions, corresponding comprehensive methods should be adopted according to the degree of complexity

  当我们进行地埋探测如果遇到路口或管线庞大的情况时,我们应接纳少两种的探测要领来进行探测,以提高管线的区分率和探测结果的可靠水平 。

When we encounter complex environments such as intersections or pipelines during underground exploration, we should use at least two detection methods to improve the resolution of pipelines and the reliability of detection results.

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