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标识桩又叫标记桩、警示桩、标桩、地桩等,因差别地区差别人群对齐称呼名称纷歧样 。

Identification stakes, also known as marker stakes, warning stakes, stakes, ground stakes, etc., have different names and alignments due to different regions and populations.

标识桩的主要材质有玻璃钢、PVC、塑钢和水泥,这几种材质也体现了标识桩产品的衍变历程 。

The main materials of identification piles include fiberglass, PVC, plastic steel, and cement, which also represent the evolution process of identification pile products.

早标识桩产品是用混凝土水泥预制的,产品重量大、警示文字易脱落、运输装置不便当、维护麻烦 。

The early identification pile product is prefabricated with concrete cement, which is heavy, warning text is easy to fall off, transportation and installation are inconvenient, and maintenance is troublesome.

厥后泛起了PVC材质的标识桩,了重量、运输、装置等问题,可是PVC材质强度不敷高,容易老化,试用寿命不是很长 。


Later, PVC material identification piles emerged, solving problems such as weight, transportation, and installation. However, PVC material strength was not high enough, making it prone to aging and the trial life was not very long.

厥后应时常需求玻璃钢标记桩产品应运而生,该产品了古板标识桩产品的所有缺点 。

Later, fiberglass marker pile products emerged in response to frequent demand, which perfectly solved all the shortcomings of traditional marker pile products.

其强度高,玻璃钢材质可以抵达普通碳钢的强度水平,使用寿命大大增长 。

Its strength is high, and the fiberglass material can reach the strength level of ordinary carbon steel, greatly increasing its service life.

玻璃钢标识桩外貌字体可以实现丝网印刷、UV喷绘、机械镌刻、激光镌刻等差别的处理工艺,大大延长了外貌标识字体的耐久度,长使用寿命可达20年以上 。

The surface font of fiberglass identification piles can be processed using different techniques such as screen printing, UV printing, mechanical carving, and laser engraving, greatly extending the durability of surface identification fonts, with a long service life of over 20 years.

玻璃钢标识桩重量轻,便于运输和装置 。

Fiberglass identification piles are lightweight and easy to transport and install.

所以目前岂论是燃气、电力、水利、石油、石化等种种使用标识桩产品的项目玻璃钢材质的标识桩都被作为了选择 。

So currently, whether it is gas, electricity, water conservancy, petroleum, petrochemical and other projects that use identification pile products, fiberglass material identification piles have been chosen.


Technical data related to fiberglass marker piles:


1. Fiberglass marker pile with tensile strength ≥ 160MPa


2. Fiberglass marker piles with a bending strength of ≥ 190MPa


3. The bending strength of fiberglass marker piles after immersion in water is ≥ 150MPa


4. Fiberglass identification pile with a hardness of ≥ 38


5. Fiberglass identification pile ring stiffness (5%) ≥ 50KPa


6. Thermal deformation temperature of fiberglass identification pile ≥ 160 ℃


7. Fiberglass marker pile oxygen index 26%


Specification of fiberglass identification piles:

1、 玻璃钢标识桩形状:方形、三角形、圆形

1. Shape of fiberglass identification pile: square, triangle, circular

2、 玻璃钢标识桩宽度:100mm、120mm、140mm、150mm

2. Width of fiberglass marker piles: 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 150mm

3、 玻璃钢标识桩厚度:3mm、3.5mm、4mm、4.5mm、5mm

3. Thickness of fiberglass marker piles: 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm

4、 玻璃钢标识桩高度:80cm、100cm、120cm、140cm、150cm

4. Height of fiberglass marker piles: 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, 150cm

更多的关于电缆警示桩的问题或者详细的内容,请进入我们公司的网站:网站中会有许多的内容仅供参考 。

For more questions or detailed information about cable warning posts, please visit our company's website: There will be a lot of content on the website for reference only.

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