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  供水标识桩是一种竖立式的地面标识 ,是地下管道、管线的;ど ,只要地下有管道、管线上方就一定要有站岗;す艿赖 ,避免管线被挖断造成不须要的损失。如果施工方看到有 ,就会了解到下有管道、管线。也就会注意该如何施工才不会损伤到地下的管线。如果施工方明知道下有电缆管线 ,还强行施工 ,造成损失是要负执法责任的。

The water supply marker post is a vertical ground marker that serves as the protector of underground pipelines and pipelines. As long as there are pipelines underground or above, there must be a station guard to protect the pipelines and prevent unnecessary losses caused by excavation. If the construction party sees it, they will know that there are pipes and pipelines underneath. You will also pay attention to how to construct to avoid damaging underground pipelines. If the construction party knowingly constructs cable pipelines and forcibly causes losses, they shall bear legal responsibility.

  接纳玻璃纤维及其制品作为增强质料 ,以合成树脂作为基体质料 颜色多为白色、黄色 接纳一次拉挤成型的加工工艺制作而成 ,强度高 ,有较强的耐腐化性能 ,耐老化 ,轻便美观 ,抗攻击力强 ,撞击稳定形 ,运输便当。该质料无接纳价值 ,自然防盗 ,使用寿命可达20年以上 ,不必人工维护 ,便当。

Using glass fiber and its products as reinforcing materials, and synthetic resin as the matrix material, the color is mostly white and yellow. It is produced through a one-time extrusion process, with high strength, strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance, lightweight and beautiful appearance, strong impact resistance, no deformation during impact, and convenient transportation. This material has no recycling value, is naturally anti-theft, and has a service life of over 20 years. It does not require manual maintenance and is convenient.



The characteristics of water supply marker piles:

  经高温压制而成 ,抗攻击 ,耐磨损 ,耐高温 ,耐腐化 ,可以抗水、汽油、酒精、电解盐、醋酸、盐酸、钠钾化合物、尿、沥青  ,适合种种酸碱土壤。使用寿命长达30年。接纳丝网印刷技术 ,警示效果好 ,不需要维护。重量轻 ,便于运输装置 ,无接纳价值 ,自然防盗。

Made by high-temperature compression, it is resistant to impact, wear, high temperature, corrosion, and can resist water, gasoline, alcohol, electrolytic salts, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium potassium compounds, urine, asphalt, and is suitable for various acidic and alkaline soils. The service life can reach up to 30 years. Using screen printing technology, the warning effect is good and does not require maintenance. Lightweight, easy to transport and install, with no recycling value, naturally anti-theft.

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