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What does industrial water supply mean?

  工业供水是指向工矿企业、工厂和酿造企业等提供用水效劳的行业。这些企业需要大宗的水来进行加工和生产 ,因此工业供水的水量要求较大 ,水质、水压、水温等都有相应的要求。与饮用供水差别 ,工业供水越发注重供水量的稳定和可靠性 ,以确保生产正常进行。

Industrial water supply refers to the industry that provides water services to industrial and mining enterprises, factories, and brewing enterprises. These enterprises require a large amount of water for processing and production, so the amount of water required for industrial water supply is relatively high, with corresponding requirements for water quality, water pressure, water temperature, etc. Unlike drinking water supply, industrial water supply places more emphasis on the stability and reliability of water supply to ensure normal production.

  工业供水的内容包括清水、软化水和超纯水等多种类型。清水主要用于工业生产中的冷却、冲洗、清洗等环节 ,软化水则主要用于锅炉加热和蒸发等工艺 ,以减少水垢和锈蚀对设备的影响。而超纯水则主要用于电子、光学、医药等高科技领域的制造工艺 ,要求水质的纯度很是高。

The content of industrial water supply includes various types such as clean water, softened water, and ultrapure water. Clear water is mainly used for cooling, flushing, cleaning and other processes in industrial production, while softened water is mainly used for boiler heating and evaporation processes to reduce the impact of scale and rust on equipment. Ultra pure water is mainly used in manufacturing processes in high-tech fields such as electronics, optics, and medicine, requiring very high purity of water quality.


  随着工业生产的不绝生长和加速 ,工业供水市场也将继续泛起较快的增长。未来 ,工业供水将越发注重水资源的合理利用和节约 ,充分发挥节水设备和新技术的作用 ,同时支持产颐魅政策和要求。在此基础上 ,工业供水将进一步提升水质和水量的效劳水平 ,以满足不绝增长的需求。

With the continuous development and acceleration of industrial production, the industrial water supply market will continue to show rapid growth. In the future, industrial water supply will pay more attention to the rational utilization and conservation of water resources, fully leverage the role of water-saving equipment and new technologies, and support national industrial policies and environmental protection requirements. On this basis, industrial water supply will further improve the service level of water quality and quantity to meet the growing demand.

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