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  2、 Precautions for trace line laying

  1、踪线埋设时应紧贴PE管道呈直线状,并位于管道的顶面为好 。请勿以螺旋状纠葛在PE管道上埋设,这样易导致探测结果禁绝确 。

  1. The trace line shall be laid in a straight line close to the PE pipe and on the top of the pipe. Do not wrap the PE pipe in a spiral shape for burial, which may lead to inaccurate detection results.

  2、在窨井或出地处示踪线应该预留出一定长度的导线(1m以上为宜),供探测施加信号所用 。这样可提髙探测效率和精度 。

  2. A certain length of wire (more than 1m is appropriate) shall be reserved for the trace wire in the inspection well or out of the ground for signal detection. This can improve the detection efficiency and accuracy.


  3、示踪线接头或分支点一定要连接牢固,坚持良好导电,并用绝缘胶布包好,避免地下湿润而造成腐化断线情况,使探测信号中断 。管道的钢塑转换接头处示踪线可以焊接在法兰上,接点处做好防腐处理,避免日久后腐化断线 。

  3. The connector or branch point of the tracer wire must be firmly connected to maintain good conductivity, and be wrapped with insulating tape to prevent corrosion and breakage caused by underground moisture, which may interrupt the detection signal. The trace line at the steel plastic conversion joint of the pipeline can be welded on the flange, and the joint shall be subject to anti-corrosion treatment to prevent corrosion and wire breakage after a long time.

  4、为增加示踪线的信号强度并让信号漫衍均匀,施工时须尽量减小示踪线埋地末端的接地电阻,接纳剥掉绝缘层裸露芯线30cm的良好接境地伐 。特别是关于长度较短的分支管的末端,一定要接地良好,不然分支上的信号会很是弱而探测不到 。

  4. In order to increase the signal strength of the tracer wire and make the signal distributed evenly, the grounding resistance at the buried end of the tracer wire must be reduced as much as possible during construction, and good grounding measures shall be taken to strip the insulation layer and bare core wire for 30cm. Especially for the end of the branch pipe with short length, it must be well grounded, otherwise the signal on the branch pipe will be very weak and cannot be detected.

  以上是关于 地埋示踪线 的介绍,若想了解相关知识可请点击: 我们将会全心全意为您提供满分效劳,接待您的来电!

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